Children’s services

Our dedicated social work teams support you in providing the best outcomes for children. As a trusted partner, we work closely with you, ensuring that your services meet the highest regulatory standards.

Children’s safety is our priority

Due to an increasing demand, budget pressures, rising caseloads and a pandemic, these are challenging times for children’s services.

We provide outcomes-based, managed social work teams into local authorities across England and Wales, with the objective of increasing capacity within children’s services, whilst always operating to the highest standards and supporting you to be OFSTED ready.

Xyla Health and Social Services

One of the largest commissioned providers of managed social work services in the UK. Partnering with local authorities and health trusts and with 200 qualified staff delivering assessment and review.

What we do

Child protection and safeguarding

We provide a robust, quality-assured process for delivering safeguarding services – working effectively with social work teams to ensure that vulnerable children and young people are protected from harm – with a strong focus on improving outcomes.

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Children in need

We have a flexible and highly effective model for delivering Children in Need (CIN) Services – we have reviewed individual’s circumstances, created bespoke plans and managed cases for many vulnerable children, young people and their families across Local Authorities, improving outcomes in individuals’ lives.

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Referral and assessment

We handle referrals from MASH, completing Section 47 enquiries, producing Child Protection/Children In Need Plans and dealing with the new initial court work when necessary.