Primary care support

We recognise there are new challenges and evolving areas of demand facing general practice, and in collaborative approach with our Acacium Group partners, we offer a comprehensive service that supports all areas of primary care and the rapidly changing environment.

Our expertise

Our primary care businesses are backed by expert knowledge along with the largest network of primary care professionals in the UK.

Supported by a profound understanding of the industry, underpinned by agility, compliance and compassionate care, our integrated primary care services offer a revolutionary model to the market.

GP World

A leading provider of expert GPs and primary care professionals in the UK. Offers candidates a variety of environments to work in, including NHS practices, community hospitals and military services.

Xyla Elective Care

Our services bring together patient flow, diagnostics, surgery and outpatient care, assuring quality and patient experience through the design and delivery of solutions to patient backlogs and improving outcomes for patients.

Leading the way in primary care specialist services

Bespoke staffing solutions

We are the market leading network of general practitioners, nurses, health care assistants and phlebotomists, servicing every sector of primary care. We work closely with our clients to develop a bespoke solution for their specific staffing requirements, providing highly-skilled temporary, fixed-term and permanent healthcare professionals wherever there is demand. Our expert workers are fully compliant to NHS framework standards and offer extensive experience within their field.

Specialist diagnostic services you can trust

Every aspect of our pioneering clinical support service is designed to increase capacity, efficiency and quality across the diagnostics industry.

Primary care echocardiography service pathways are collaboratively agreed with our customers. We foster strong partnership arrangements so that services match the customer requirements.

Transforming primary care and community services

Our integrated service model has been designed to offer primary care networks end-to-end support and scalable solutions, both now and in the future. We recognise this is a complex area which requires constant attention to ensure the right processes are in place, and our specialist services are constantly evolving to ensure they meet the changing demands.

Our focus is around creating sustainable solutions for primary care, with a dedicated approach to ensuring improved patient care.