Workplace health & wellness

We’re committed to supporting businesses to reopen safely with workplace health and wellness solutions. Our bespoke solutions are tailored to your individual business needs

COVID-19 testing

Our COVID-19 testing solutions allow employers to check if employees currently have coronavirus. Being able to offer immediate testing at work or home, can bring instant peace of mind, control any outbreaks and protect the business environment.

Remote clinical advice

It’s normal for both employers and employees to have lots of questions about safety when returning to the workplace. Having a specialist nurse available remotely, via phone or video, can reassure employees.

Diabetes prevention & management

Being the largest provider of the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, we hold a wealth of knowledge and work with employers to develop, implement and evaluate Type 2 diabetes prevention and management programmes that result in long-term health benefits.

Risk assessments

A risk assessment, based on government guidelines, reassures your employees that you’re serious about their safety. And it helps everyone become more aware of the need to safeguard the environment, both for themselves and your customers.

Mental health support

We have specialist mental health professionals who can be available on-site or remotely, whenever your employees need to talk. We can provide a range of mental health professionals relevant to the severity of the requirements. From mild to moderate presentations with a psychological well-being practitioner or counsellor, to escalated presentations that may require support from a CBT therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist.

Seasonal flu vaccinations

By providing workplace flu vaccinations, you can protect employees against flu and its complications, reduce absenteeism and maintain productivity