Workforce managed services

Workforce managed services

These Acacium Group businesses use consultative methodologies to help clients get better at running their own workforces. They offer individual modules designed to support or enhance a specific process through to full resource process outsourcing (RPO). These businesses use innovation and experience to develop workforce solutions at scale for example partnering the NHS in creating regional and collaborative banks.

We are a key provider in managed workforce solutions for both public sector and private clients across the UK. Our knowledge of the health and care sector allows us to offer a portfolio of services that can be engaged individually, in multiples or rolled up into a client, local or regional staffing solution.

This includes attraction, recruitment, onboarding, compliance, retention, proactive shift fill, supply chain management, payroll in partnership and MI/insight.

The result? A partnership with clients to deliver a perm or flexible engaged and diverse workforce that places quality of care at the heart of everything they do.

Bank Partners

An award-winning, independent provider of bank management services to the NHS. Works with clients to reduce agency spend while providing quality workers across all staff groups.


Perfectly placed to help clients meet their strategic staffing goals, from attraction and engagement to training and ongoing retention. Delivered through a range of services with measurable results.