Driving engagement and cost efficiencies through UHB’s managed service programme for AHP

Driving engagement and cost efficiencies through UHB’s managed service programme for AHP

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) awarded Maxxima a managed service programme (MSP) solution in January 2017. The programme has consistently delivered on agreed performance targets and continued to innovate and adapt throughout the contract, which continues to be extended into 2024.

Key statistics

  • An average £12k cost savings per year
  • 80% average fill rate across all AHPs
  • Competitive supply chain across 30 suppliers

The challenge

UHB identified opportunities to enhance its talent acquisition process, which had implications for patient care and waiting times within the Trust. There were challenges in managing multiple suppliers, ensuring compliance, and providing detailed insights into recruitment activities, specifically in spend reporting and management information. This lack of oversight contributed to difficulties in maximising workforce effectiveness and specifically spending efficiency, where the Trust struggled to consistently maintain rate cap compliance, occasionally leading to additional costs for UHB.

Why Acacium Group?

As a leading provider of healthcare MSPs, partnering with Maxxima, part of Acacium Group, would allow UHB to reallocate internal resources while ensuring robust resourcing and management. This partnership safeguarded staff engagement and patient care through stringent adherence to regulatory standards and framework regulations, along with comprehensive clinical governance and programme management.

The solution

Implementing an MSP model, Maxxima streamlined the workforce resourcing process, ensuring UHB had a singular, efficient point of contact for all its staffing needs, consolidating suppliers, reporting and invoicing.

Fostering a culture of collaborative engagement, UHB’s dedicated support team included an MSP Manager, Coordinator, and Senior Account Manager, holding bi-weekly meetings with UHB leadership to tailor service delivery to the Trust’s needs continually. These sessions allowed for real-time troubleshooting and provided a valuable feedback exchange, ensuring a seamless service delivery.

Through a combination of project management, data-led innovation and responsive and comprehensive support, UHB’s Allied Health Professional (AHP) staffing requirements were promptly and effectively met. A focus on increased candidate attraction through targeted marketing initiatives and account management, effectively broadening the pool of qualified professionals available to the Trust.


Cost savings

This strategic MSP partnership led to significant cost savings, averaging £1000 a month. This was achieved through enhanced buying power, standardising processes, and a centralised master vendor approach. These results mark a successful and ongoing effort to minimise off-contract spending and adhere to NHS rate caps.

High fill rates and increased engagement

The MSP model consistently met its 75% Maxxima and 25% supplier fill rate. By providing a single point of contact, UHB’s teams have focused more time on patient care and effectively managed the workforce with full transparency. Maxxima initiatives have increased candidate attraction and engagement.

Comprehensive support

Maxxima’s team, comprising the Master Vendor Manager, Coordinator, and Senior Account Manager, has actively engaged with the Trust through consistent and proactive stakeholder interaction. The MSP team has effectively fostered this relationship by regularly conducting on-site meetings and quarterly business reviews, which are crucial in understanding and addressing the evolving needs of the Trust.

“From the outset, Maxxima has had a clear and consistent deployment plan and has worked with and tailored it where appropriate to the Trust’s needs.”

Simon Birley, Deputy Head of Temporary Staffing, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Benefit from an MSP model

Work with a dedicated MSP team you can trust. For more information on how this model can reduce costs and drive engagement, reach out to our team of workforce specialists.

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