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Our world is changing. More prevalent diseases and an ageing population mean that whilst demand for healthcare is rising exponentially across the globe, workforce supply is acutely constrained. Responding to this challenge, our services support providers right across the system, from early-stage clinical research through to hospital and community-based services across both physical and mental health and preventative healthcare.

Why choose us?

Powered by the best people

Not only do we recruit and retain the best people on a global scale with our first rate career development opportunities and benefits packages, but we also have access to the largest skilled workforce across the sectors we serve, regularly deploying in excess of 20,000 professionals in an average week.

Unrivalled and diverse breadth of capabilities

We provide a full spectrum of solutions, from nurses for shifts at extreme short notice, through to managing end-to-end workforce and developing and running ground-breaking new care models to help the system deliver better patient care and outcomes.

Commitment to clinical governance and process improvement

Our commitment to clinical governance ensures we keep patients, service users and workers safe in all we do. Our unique capabilities across digital technology, data science and operational improvement help clients deliver new ways of managing the workforce and providing healthcare.

High quality healthcare workforce solutions

We are uniquely placed to deliver high quality healthcare workforce solutions that enable our partners to deliver better care and ultimately improve lives. Our experience of working end-to-end, from clinical trials through to hospital and community-based services gives us a level of insight that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our commitment to social value

In recent years Acacium Group has grown considerably, as have the requirements of the markets in which we work. We remain committed to providing the very best solutions to our clients and have repeatedly evidenced our ability to do this, adding value and innovation, particularly during the global pandemic.

Our purpose to ‘improve people’s lives through expert healthcare, social care and life sciences’ has never been more important. Through 2022 and beyond, we are dedicated to achieving our purpose, leaving positive lasting impacts on the communities in which we operate.

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Environmental social governance

As a business that has provided care to more than three million patients over the last 12 months, it’s inevitable that some of our activities will generate emissions. It’s therefore our moral obligation to seek out innovative solutions to these emissions challenges without impacting the comfort and safety of patients and service users.

As a forward-looking organisation, we have committed to achieving net zero by 2040, supported by a dedicated ESG and Responsible Business team who drive carbon reductions throughout our business globally.

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