What we do

What we do

We support the research, design, development and delivery of healthcare, social care, and life sciences projects on four continents. Operating across geographical borders to help expand workforce capacity, we apply best practice learnings from world-leading health and social care providers.

With over 40 years of experience and a global footprint, Acacium Group delivers market-leading services tailored to clients’ needs across three areas of expertise.

Our approach

We are driven by our values and powered by data. Committed to clinical excellence and responsible business best practices, we invest in our people and technology to create world-class services that meet our client’s needs in an ever-evolving landscape.

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Working with Integrated Care Systems and Health Boards in the UK

A proud partner to the NHS for 40 years, our comprehensive services support all 42 NHS Integrated Care Systems and more than 20 NHS Health Boards to deliver improved productivity and better patient outcomes. Services include elective care recovery, digital pathways, workforce, community services, mental health and intelligent patient flow.

Integrated care systems