Intermediate care service; providing a bridge from hospital to home at Ripley Community Hospital

Intermediate care service; providing a bridge from hospital to home at Ripley Community Hospital

Working in partnership, Acacium Group businesses Xyla and Pulse Nursing at Home provided 18 onsite beds at Ripley Community Hospital to facilitate a more efficient discharge for medically optimised patients.


  • 42 patients efficiently discharged from hospital over eight weeks 
  • 15-hour discharge turn-around from patient referral 
  • 100% shift fill rate 

The challenge    

Following a challenging period for the NHS, the Derby & Derbyshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) faced a pressing issue: a severe shortage of available bed space for medically optimised patients. The situation was exacerbated by the limited capacity of other service providers and the closure of care homes in response to the ongoing pandemic.  

The ICB was tasked with finding a solution to prevent hospital readmissions in Ripley Community Hospital and avoid unnecessary placements in residential care. Their goal was to empower individuals to regain their independence as much as possible following a hospital stay. 

Why Acacium Group?

As the UK’s leading healthcare delivery partner, Acacium Group has proven expertise in delivering managed services and expert staffing at scale, deploying more than 30,000 healthcare professionals every week. 

Combining the staffing power of Pulse Nursing at Home and the discharge service expertise of Xyla, both part of Acacium Group, Ripley Community Hospital could benefit from a bespoke solution to effectively get patients out of hospital and get the care they needed at home. 

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The solution

Working in collaboration with Xyla, Pulse Nursing at Home provided 18 onsite beds at Ripley Community Hospital for medically optimised patients awaiting Pathway 1 and 2. Rapid discharge teams initiated wellbeing calls within 24 hours of admission and maintained continuous communication throughout patients’ stays, streamlining access for families. 

In the nurse-led surge unit, trained staff ensured 24/7 care, alleviating the hospital’s resource challenges. They regularly assessed patient’s needs, reducing ongoing care requirements in Pathways 1 and 2. 

Discharge management was precise, with experienced brokerage staff facilitating onward care arrangements as needed. Full tracking and dedicated patient and next of kin liaison ensured safe discharges, supported by a 24-hour follow-up to prevent readmissions and ensure ongoing patient wellbeing. 

The service received twice-weekly visits by the Derby and Derbyshire ICB Quality Always Assurance Team. Feedback was listened to and actioned after every visit, resulting in an outstanding Quality Always Clinical Assessment and Accreditation Scheme (CAAS) report for the ward. The report was based and modelled on the Care Quality Commission (CQC) guidelines and assessments. 

Derby and Derbyshire ICB 

“It was a positive experience working with Acacium Group. They were excellent at accepting and taking on feedback from the Quality Always Assurance Team and their responsiveness to feedback quickly built our trust and respect”. 


 Intelligent patient flow 

42 patients were discharged from hospital over eight weeks. By streamlining the discharge process and freeing up resources, Ripley Community Hospital freed up much needed beds for patients in need.  

Reduced readmissions 

Tracking the patient journey and providing a dedicated patient and next of kin liaison service reduced the risk of readmission. Patients reported they felt more confident leaving hospital knowing they had the right care provisions in place, better supporting their recovery and long-term care needs. 

Increased capacity 

Nurse-led care on the unit ensured 24/7 staffing by trained nurses and healthcare assistants, addressing Ripley Community Hospital’s resource capacity challenges. The service maintained a 100% shift fill rate, maintaining continuity of quality care for patients. 

Improved patient experience 

The increased efficiency of the service secured a 15-hour discharge turn-around from referral, ensuring patients could return to the comfort of their homes more quickly. A 24-hour follow-up call post-discharge home ensured a seamless transition and prevented readmission. 

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