Meeting diabetes MedTech demand: Expediating IT team build for EU product launch

Meeting diabetes MedTech demand: Expediating IT team build for EU product launch

Amid rapid growth, a medical device company partnered with Acacium Group’s Proclinical business to bolster European IT teams ahead of a vital product launch.


  • Shortlist for ten niche roles secured within three weeks
  • All candidates interviewed and onboarded in six weeks
  • An additional 20 candidates were requested following product launch

The challenge

The organisation required a minimum of eight IT professionals with specialist Salesforce knowledge to fortify European IT infrastructure ahead of their product launch. The recruitment deadline was just eight weeks, significantly narrowing the talent pool due to the lengthy notice period for the most suitable candidates.

Why Acacium Group?

Acacium Group has proven success partnering with life sciences organisations worldwide, enabling them to scale their workforce to meet growth ambitions. Assisting in all stages of the drug lifecycle, from discovery through to manufacturing and commercial build-out, the Group’s specialist life sciences functions actively support the development cycle for the medical device and medical technology sectors.

The solution

Proclinical, part of Acacium Group, established a dedicated account manager and a team of four specialist IT consultants to secure qualified candidates across their European networks. Key stakeholders were engaged, including local hiring managers and talent attraction teams. This ensured the project team were closely aligned to the business’s requirements, and internal teams could advise on the hiring process.

Proactive communication fostered strong working relationships with the client allowing the team to adapt to shifting priorities and requirements. Accounting for a three-stage interview process, the project team had to source, interview and onboard candidates in just six weeks. Following further assessment internally, the team were asked to increase the number of candidates to fill twelve positions to meet the growing demands of the project.


Rapid staff mobilisation

Within three weeks, the project successfully onboarded three Salesforce developers, one release engineer, and one business analyst, bridging a vital gap and reducing workload until permanent hires were ready.

Proactive stakeholder engagement

Despite changing project dynamics, a partnership approach enabled the team to meet the eight-week deadline for hiring and onboarding all permanent positions.

High client satisfaction

The client’s European division accomplished necessary software updates and a successful new device launch. Recognising the Group’s success in overcoming key recruitment challenges, the client expanded the contract to include an additional ten roles. Proclinical now exclusively supplies the business with IT contractors, boasting over 20 on-site members.

As disease becomes more prevalent, investment in life sciences increases. Acacium Group businesses source permanent employees and contractors for the pharmaceutical sector, medical technology, biotech and CROs. Our expert teams deliver on every stage of the life science process to help individuals, teams, and organisations reach their goals faster. Find out more here.