Staffing ‘Sensium’; a ground-breaking patient deterioration technology trial

Staffing a ground-breaking MedTech patient deterioration technology trial

Bringing a new medical device to market, Sensium, part of The Surgical Company, required a bespoke staffing solution to participate in a medical trial.

Key statistics

  • 12 nurses on a seven-day rota 
  • 98%+ staffing level throughout the duration of the trial 
  • Reduced length of stay in two NHS hospital wards by 25% 

The challenge

Sensium, part of The Surgical Company, sought to bring a new digital medical observation device to market. They aimed to conduct a continuous monitoring trial within a ward-based setting, utilising wearable patches to monitor the vital signs of a large group of patients. The success of this trial was contingent on the ability to secure a specialised team of nurses who could seamlessly interface with digital monitoring technology while delivering high-quality healthcare services to patients. 

Why Acacium Group?

As the UK’s largest healthcare delivery partner, Acacium Group have 40 years of experience providing staffing solutions across the NHS and to private clients. The Group has c.140 clinicians within the management team, upholding robust, rigorous compliance and clinical governance processes. With access to over 4,000 active candidates with national coverage, Sensium sought to leverage the Group’s scale and expertise.  

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The solution

Due to the unique nature of the requirement, Pulse, part of Acacium Group, was contracted to provide a bespoke staffing solution to support the trial delivery. A detailed screening was undertaken to provide the project’s best workforce, utilising 12 nurses over three months. The Pulse team managed the rota by providing consistency and continuity of staffing, including an out-of-hours service. 

Clinicians placed Sensium patches on patients, continuously monitoring their heart rate, respiration rate, and axillary temperature. This technology offered a reliable and non-intrusive way to gather crucial patient data, enabling timely interventions when necessary. If a patient’s condition deteriorated, notifications were automatically sent to clinicians, enabling them to respond quickly and avoid further deterioration where possible. 

Declared a ‘best practice approach’ by the client, the trial was completed successfully. Sensium extend its partnership with Pulse for the next phase of service delivery. In the coming four months, Pulse’s workforce will transition into a teaching role as the trial is expanded and additional candidates are needed to support the project’s growth. 

Sensium, part of The Surgical Company

“Pulse surpassed our expectations by meticulously selecting a team of highly qualified nurses who seamlessly integrated into our project. It is thanks to their efforts that our trial achieved its milestones, delivered tangible results, and saved lives. I would recommend their services to any organisation that requires a professional”


Effective staffing management 

Pulse managed a 7-day rota of nurses, ensuring staffing levels were maintained at 98% and above. A consistent and reliable workforce was vital to the trial’s success in securing accurate and continuous data collection.  

Intelligent patient flow 

Pulse’s dedicated nursing team provided additional capacity to the current workforce on the ward, supporting improved patient flow and efficient monitoring of patients. The trial resulted in a remarkable 25% reduction in the length of stay in two NHS hospital wards, significantly impacting the efficient use of healthcare resources and bed capacity. 

Improved patient outcomes 

The nursing team’s combined expertise and use of innovative new technology ensured that patients received the highest standard of care. Continuous monitoring and a quick response to deteriorating conditions directly impacted patient care and safety.  

Meeting key milestones  

Utilising an experienced staffing provider with a fully managed rota enabled the client to spend more time prioritising data discovery. By seamlessly integrating into the trail, the team of nurses were able to ensure the continuous monitoring trial achieved its milestones, delivered tangible results, and ultimately played a crucial role in saving lives. 

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