COVID-19 testing solution, with results in 15 minutes

We are supporting many sectors with rapid, on-site COVID-19 testing, including education, retail, large corporations and hospitality. Whether it’s testing staff in the event of a small outbreak or maintaining confidence in the work environment, our rapid antigen testing solution has many benefits.

When to use rapid antigen testing?

Our rapid antigen testing solution can be used to test employees on a regular basis, giving them confidence that they are safe in work. It can also be used in response to a potential outbreak and to protect the wider workforce. Our nurses can be deployed at very short notice to test your staff and help avoid any closure to your operations.


The test is approved in the European Union, was recently approved by the FDA in the US and is commonly used in French airports. It’s also been widely adopted for mass testing in Italy and South Korea.

The test already has CE approval. In order for a test to be deemed safe to use, the company that develops this test must comply with the In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Directive as implemented in the UK by Part IV of the Medical Devices Regulations 2002. Once they do, they can print a ‘CE’ mark on their test which means that the test meets all the legal criteria. UK notified bodies are overseen by the MHRA mentioned above.

Looking into 2021  

Apart from holding on to the hope of a vaccine, our view is that LAMP-based saliva testing is likely to become available early in 2021. This will be cheaper, easier and more convenient. But now, the best option outside of PCR is rapid antigen testing, using the nasal-swab.

How does this compare to the standard, widely used (in the NHS and the community) polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test used to detect COVID-19?