Insights Bulletin: Transforming diagnostic services through Xyla

Acacium Group has its origins as a provider of flexible staffing to the NHS. Over time, we have worked closely with the NHS diagnostic services into which we place those staff to identify whether – through the use of technology – the staff time can be deployed in smarter ways. This technology-enabled approach has unlocked three key benefits:

  1. Helping match local demand for diagnostic services to the available supply of staff (including those who can offer services remotely)
  2. Increasing diagnostic throughput, both by reducing unsuitable referrals to specialists and then supporting those specialists to make decisions in the most efficient way possible
  3. Enabling flexible working to extend the careers of skilled staff working in diagnostic services

Our approach has now been brought together in ‘Xyla’. Xyla offers a wide range of CQC-registered services, including virtual dermatology clinics, ECG patch monitoring at home and community diagnostic hubs ‘plus’.

For more information on these key concepts and how they can be used to transform diagnostic services read our latest Insights Bulletin here. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us here.