Community & complex care

Community & complex care

Leading the delivery of world-class fully managed care services to children and adults. Trusted by Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) and private clients across England and Wales, supporting people to live the life they want to at home or in their community.

Our fully managed care services enable ICBs and families to have complete peace of mind, all the time.

We are experts at providing clinically outstanding long-term and lifetime care whilst rapidly establishing short-term care solutions for those who need it.

We provide bespoke teams of healthcare professionals based at hubs in your local area to guarantee 24/7 short notice cover. Resources that you can dynamically deploy into care and residential homes, and in-home support packages, providing a robust ‘last line of defence’ to keep patients safe.

Trusted by commissioners, case managers, and private clients across England and Wales, we deliver highly bespoke, person-centred care to children and adults.

We are committed to delivering the highest level of care possible, allowing people to live at home safely and empowering them to live the life they want whilst giving peace of mind to family and loved ones.

Our service

We create in-situ, local teams to provide 24/7 cover across a range of skills, including:

Health care assistants – providing a guaranteed resource across your care system when staff need to isolate

Nurses – providing guaranteed short notice cover where medical support is required for complex care or supervision of service delivery

Senior service managers – providing on-call back-up to keep care homes and services operational when leaders and registered managers are unavailable

Our team members provide supernumerary support to local providers to help with seasonal pressures. We’re positioned to provide cover in both rural and urban locations, with partnerships that create scale and bring operational and economic benefits.

Why choose us?

We have the expertise and experience to care for clients with the most complex clinical and social needs. Our approach to care is all about delivering a fully managed service, taking the pressure off the NHS, and helping to improve clients’ lives.

  • Trusted partners to over 100 clients, delivering over 14,000 hours of care each week
  • 35 years of expert experience with an exceptional track record
  • We employ 35 clinical leads and 51 clinicians, the highest number for any provider
  • We have over 2,600 nurses and over 1,300 healthcare assistants in our database. Over 1,000 are specialist paediatric nurses
  • Tailored to your needs. With you, we will design the scale and structure of the team to meet your requirements
  • Responsive and flexible. Putting resources at your fingertips to target priority cases and help reduce hospital admissions
  • Last year, one-third of new clients we cared for came to us because a commissioner found the care needs of the person weren’t being met
  • We have experience providing 1:1 care, all the way to 6:1 care, dependent on the client’s needs
  • In the last three years, 50% of new clients we cared for were commissioned by NHS trusts we’ve built long-term relationships with
  • We have a proven track record of filling 99% of shifts across all of our clients

Thornbury Community Services

Works with ICBs and private clients to provide clinically outstanding nurse-led care to adults and children with complex clinical needs, learning disabilities, autism, and mental health conditions.

Pulse Nursing at Home

Trusted by ICBs and private clients to deliver highly bespoke, flexible care to adults and children in their own homes and communities through our team of skilled nurses and carers.

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