Xyla Elective Care is a leading specialist in the provision of diagnostic services. We provide insourced and outsourced managed services to primary care, secondary care and independent healthcare providers.

Our service range include echocardiography and cardiac rhythm analysis, ultrasound services; general, musculoskeletal (MSK) and vascular. We also offer neurophysiology services and sleep studies.

Every aspect of our pioneering clinical support service is designed to increase capacity, efficiency and quality across the diagnostics industry.

Our range of services can be tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need an accredited specialist echocardiographer to run echo clinics onsite, remote ECG analysis and reporting from our analysis centre, or training and mentoring support for your service and staff, we can help.

Xyla Elective Care

Our services bring together patient flow, diagnostics, surgery and outpatient care, assuring quality and patient experience through the design and delivery of solutions to patient backlogs and improving outcomes for patients.

Our managed services

Echocardiography, Cardiac Rhythm Analysis, Ultrasound, and Neurophysiology Services

All our clinical support services are designed to aid with wait-list management, proficiency and quality across the diagnostics industry.

Training and mentoring

Bespoke training and mentoring support for individuals or groups through to full BSE accreditation or clinical proficiency.

Clinical governance

Our comprehensive and robust systems ensure the highest standards of clinical governance and information security, meaning quality is maintained throughout the provision of our services.