Virtual wards

Virtual wards

Virtual wards combine the power of advanced technology, telemedicine, and remote patient monitoring to bring hospital-level care directly to patients’ homes. These digital services ensure timely interventions by optimising resources, increasing workforce capacity and reducing hospital readmissions.

Virtual Wards in action webinar

Catch up on our Virtual wards in action – strategies for successful implementation and optimisation. This webinar will equip you with valuable knowledge and practical steps to drive successful implementation and maximise the potential of virtual wards in your organisation.

Watch the webinar here

Realising the potential of virtual wards report

NHS Confederation, in partnership with Acacium Group, has released an exploratory report examining the potential, and prospective pitfalls, of virtual ward services. This industry whitepaper is a series of interviews and deep dive sessions with senior leaders from across the NHS and Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) across the UK. 

Catch up; Realising the potential of virtual wards webinar

Following the publication of ‘Realising the potential of virtual wards’, the report’s expert contributors came together to discuss the findings, sharing insights and learnings with other organisations looking to do the same. Catch up on all insights from 23 May webinar 

Realising the potential of virtual wards webinar round up

Discover the key insights discussed on the ‘Realising the potential of virtual wards’ webinar, including how virtual outpatient services can improve patient outcomes and experiences while increasing the timely access to specialist care.