Diabetes prevention, management and remission

Diabetes prevention, management and remission

Helping service users address their health challenges with the leading provider of diabetes prevention programmes. Backed by clinical expertise, our programmes achieve lasting and life-changing results through positive, personable support.
With proven success, our comprehensive programmes combine specialised nutrition, psychology, physical activity, and ongoing support to facilitate weight loss and sustainable behaviour change to prevent, manage, and, in many cases, achieve remission of type two diabetes.

The diabetes services we offer


Change behaviour before becoming a long-term condition. Our programmes concentrate on assisting service users in weight reduction, elevating physical activity, and enhancing their diet. This approach empowers them to take control of their health and wellbeing, acquiring the knowledge to prevent diabetes and protect their long-term health.


Supporting service users to avoid further health complications by equipping them with the knowledge they need to manage their diabetes effectively. Our impactful and interactive six-week diabetes awareness programme offers informative and engaging sessions to guide individuals in mitigating their risk of diabetes. The programme can be conducted in-person sessions or delivered remotely via apps and phone calls. Our services offer licensed diabetes management programmes encompassing delivery resources, staff training, and continuous support.


Widely trusted by healthcare practitioners, our ‘path to remission’ programme helps service users reduce their diabetes medications, lose weight, improve their health, and potentially put their type 2 diabetes into remission. Coaching sessions, conducted by our experienced diabetes practitioners, are complemented by online learning resources, including meal plans and recipes, ensuring a comprehensive and personalised approach to better health.

Why choose us?

Specialised expertise

Underpinned by a commitment to clinical excellence, our experts deliver evidence-based diabetes prevention, remission and management programmes, resulting in better service user outcomes.

Comprehensive support

We meet individuals where they are on their journey. Our approach provides tailored, personable support, addressing individual health challenges and ensuring enduring and impactful results.

Delivery and support

Our expert team delivers licensed diabetes management programmes, encompassing resources, thorough staff training, and ongoing support, guaranteeing quality care for patients in their diabetes management journey.

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