Health & social care assessments

Our bespoke projects provide you with the expertise, resource and support you need to make a positive, lasting impact on people and communities nationwide. Our services deliver effective outcomes every time, supporting you with high quality and cost-effective sustainable solutions.

Delivering tailored, budgeted solutions to adult and children’s services

Given the rising demand for forward-thinking, innovative and sustainable solutions in the public sector our breadth and depth of expertise can provide a range of options to meet your needs. With a strong focus on quality and cost-effectiveness, our dedicated project support staff and associates are always on hand to support your situation.

Xyla Health and Social Services

One of the largest commissioned providers of managed social work services in the UK. Partnering with local authorities and health trusts and with 200 qualified staff delivering assessment and review.

What we do

Adults’ services

Review and assessment services backlogs
Best interests and mental health assessments
Outsourced DoLS services
S117 and Mental Health Act Assessments
Case file auditing

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Children’s services

Referral/assessment backlogs and duty
Drift in CIN and CP cases and statutory timescales
Permanency planning
Family intervention at the ‘Edge of Care’

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Continuing Healthcare (CHC)

Hospital discharge and admissions avoidance
Rapid response/care assessment and brokerage services
CHC assessments
Individual backlogs or combined objective reviews with social care

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David Watts, Assistant Director, Coventry City Council

The solution offered was tailored to our specific circumstances, and the extra capacity provided meant that we were able to respond to demand in an efficient and thorough manner, on time and to budget. The quality of the assessors provided was good, and we were pleased with the reliability of the service. Their in-house DoLS leads were able to quality check to Coventry’s standards, meaning the vast majority of assessments were accepted upon first submission with the remainder cleared extremely quickly. They are now in the process of running an ‘after care’ package, working with the council to clear new assessments. I would recommend ICS Assessment Services to a Council with similar challenges.

Glady Rhodes White OBE, Independent Consultant for Southampton City Council Children’s project

I was very impressed by the visual tracking of performance around key areas such as caseloads, visits in timescales, assessments in timescale, children seen etc. This suggested a good grip on critical KPI’s. The team was able to be placed at relatively short notice which was a key factor for Southampton.

Karen Kibblewhite, Head of Commissioning, Rutland County Council

ICS Assessment Services’ consultant developed a robust methodology and ensured that data was sourced to inform an accurate picture of care and associated costs; upon which negotiations could be undertaken. We were involved and advised throughout the process.

Internally, action was being undertaken to establish new commissioning processes and the insight provided by ICS Assessment Services’ consultant has been invaluable to this process. I would highly recommend ICS Assessment Services in the future for assignments of this nature.