Health & social care assessments

Health & social care assessments

Timely, accurate and effective assessments are critical in providing optimal health and social care services. As a health and social care staffing specialist, our expertise enhances your organisation’s capabilities to manage backlogs and reduce risk to individuals.

Xyla Health and Social Services, part of Acacium Group is a trusted provider of comprehensive health and social care assessments for adults and children. Our services prioritise the most vulnerable individuals to ensure they have access to necessary evaluations. This approach guarantees fair and proportionate allocation of services, maintaining an optimal standard of care to secure better patient outcomes.

The health and social care assessments we offer

Deprivation of liberty safeguards

Our experienced assessors cover a wide geographic area and ensure assessments meet quality standards. We offer flexible projects allowing you to choose the assessments you need, including mental health, mental capacity, best interests, and more.

Presenting to the MDT

As the assessor, we represent you at the multidisciplinary team (MDT) assessment. Our experts present the assessment outcomes and contribute insights to ensure an integrated approach to patient care needs.

Case file audits

Our experienced quality assurance leads utilise a strategic approach to thoroughly review an individual’s recorded journey, encompassing case notes, assessments, and referrals, from the outset to the conclusion.

Referral from the community team

We deliver assessments to those most in need by working with individuals referred by your community teams. Upon receipt, our assessment specialists efficiently screen and triage the referral.

Ensuring action

Upon a positive assessment outcome, we ensure recommendations and care plans are promptly acted upon, maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the integrated care system throughout implementation.

Patient assessment

Our healthcare professionals meticulously review the patient’s medical history, gather relevant evidence, and conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify their unique healthcare needs.

Initial assessments, reviews and reassessments

Flexible, quality-focused assessments designed to support service users and families. We collaborate with clients on transfer points and essential assessments like mental capacity, carers, continuing healthcare (CHC) checklists, best interests decisions, multidisciplinary team (MDT) attendance, and six-week reviews.

Referral to integrated care system

Post-assessment, our team compiles a comprehensive write-up detailing the assessment findings and recommendations for continuing healthcare (CHC). This detailed document is referred to the integrated care system for further evaluation and alignment with broader care strategies.

Occupational therapy and physiotherapy assessments

Offering a range of services, including minor and major occupational therapy assessments, physiotherapy assessments, and follow-up assessments, we pinpoint the precise support required enabling individuals to reclaim their independence, enhance resilience, and reduce dependency on formal support services.

Why choose us?

Precision and personalisation

Assessment processes are tailored to the individual, providing precise insights into their unique health and social care needs.

Informed decision-making

With comprehensive assessment data, healthcare leaders can make informed decisions, optimising resource allocation and care planning.

Enhanced care delivery

By understanding an individual’s requirements in detail, healthcare providers can deliver services that meet the highest standards of care and improve overall health outcomes.

Continuous improvement

Regular assessments facilitate a continuous improvement cycle, allowing for adjustments in care plans and strategies as needs evolve.

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