Mental health

The rising number of mental health cases puts immense pressure on healthcare services, leaving individuals without the support they desperately require. Our services aim to address this issue by enhancing mental health capacity through specialised staff, assessments, and evidence-based therapies in hospitals and digitally at home.

Working within hospitals and communities, Acacium Group services make high-quality mental health care accessible to everyone. As a leading global healthcare delivery partner, we support our clients in meeting their specialist staffing needs, delivering community care packages and providing cutting-edge digital mental health services for users to access at a time and place suitable to them. Our services ensure mental health support is readily available and convenient for those who need it.

The mental health staffing solutions we offer

Grow your workforce sustainably and deliver exceptional service to the people in your care by accessing high-quality, compassionate mental health professionals of all disciplines. Supported by more than 40 years of expertise serving the public and independent sectors, we can help you rapidly improve patient outcomes. Our specialised team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, talking therapists, counsellors, children and young people (CYP), child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) practitioners, occupational therapists, CAMHS nurses, and mental health nurses.

Save time and money

Reduce the time to hire and associated costs of finding suitable candidates with a bespoke service from specialist recruiters with access to thousands of mental health professionals.

Improve staff retention

A dedicated candidate support function ensures your recruits are fully supported throughout the recruitment process, helping them have a great employee experience from day one.

Fully managed service

With a single point of contact in a dedicated team overseen by a clinical governance specialist, you can trust your compliance, payroll and candidate support needs are handled effectively.

The mental health assessment services we offer

Get comprehensive neurodevelopmental assessments, including autism and ADHD assessments, tailored to all age groups. Our versatile services offer remote and in-person options for a suitable assessment experience. Aligning with existing clinical pathways and supporting the end-to-end process, from triage to diagnosis, our services flex to meet your needs. You are afforded complete visibility and control of end-to-end case flow and retain the ultimate diagnosis decision.  

Reduce wait lists

Improve the patient experience by reducing the time to assessment through expedited triage, case prioritisation, and identifying cases suitable for a remote service.

Increase capacity

Add capacity to existing service, complementing your existing face-to-face provision and extending user choice through remote and in-person services.

Support service users

Deliver a safe and effective service aligned to NHS requirements. Our virtual assessments are based on NICE guidelines and held to the highest standards through robust clinical governance.

The mental health therapies we offer

Access a range of psychological therapies for children, young people, and adults, including cognitive behaviour therapy, counselling, eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR), dynamic interpersonal therapy (DIT) and interpersonal therapy (IPT). Commissioners benefit from a pay-as-you-go model, with simple integration into local care systems. Scale the service to meet rising demand and access real-time performance analysis to measure successful patient outcomes and demonstrate service value. 

Complete visibility

Our fully integrated services enable reporting on key analytics, sharing full visibility of the service and performance.

Greater flexibility

Put patient choice at the heart of mental health by allowing patients to access a wide selection of appointment times, languages, and communication modalities.

Scalable service

Overcome recruitment challenges with access to a large pool of qualified and accredited clinicians. Scale the service as required to meet local demand.

The mental health discharge services we offer

We reduce demand for inpatient beds and hospital readmissions for people with complex mental health conditions—who benefit from our intensive home-based rehabilitation service, providing an alternative to inpatient facilities. Patients can remain in a safe and familiar environment at home with their families, while acute bed space is freed up for those who need it most. 

A service you can trust

Rated ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC, our teams are experts at delivering community care.

Fully managed service

From conducting clinical assessments, creating care plans and managing stock control, our dedicated teams provide a complete package of compassionate, nurse-led care.

Responsive care

Our robust clinical governance and infrastructure mean we can quickly adapt our service to safely reduce or step up care in line with a client’s changing needs.

Mental health services with our global health and social care managed services businesses