Virtual services

Our virtual services, including virtual consultations, remote diagnostics, and therapeutic interventions, enhance patient outcomes while relieving pressure on acute services by providing comprehensive care wherever a patient calls home.

These innovative services enable patients to seek medical advice, receive diagnoses, discuss symptoms, obtain prescription renewals, and attend follow-up appointments without seeing clinicians in person.

Benefits of virtual services for health and social care

Reduced hospital admissions: Effective monitoring and timely intervention in virtual wards can help prevent unnecessary hospital admissions. Patients can be managed effectively in a home-based setting, reducing the burden on hospitals and healthcare systems.

Flexibility and scalability: Virtual services are flexible and scalable, allowing healthcare systems to adapt to fluctuating patient volumes and seasonal variations. The virtual model can be adjusted to meet changing demands efficiently. 

Improved patient experience: Virtual services empower patients by involving them in their care and treatment plans. Patients have access to their health data and educational resources, enabling them to actively manage their health, leading to better engagement and adherence to treatment plans.

The virtual services we offer


Benefit from specialised healthcare professionals trained to manage acute medical conditions remotely. Accessing expertise through specialist digital platforms ensures patients are quickly assisted, ensuring a timely intervention of care. 

Community services

Virtual community services encompass a range of healthcare support and interventions provided remotely, promoting health and wellbeing within the community. These services utilise digital channels to deliver medical advice, consultations, monitoring, and education, ensuring individuals receive necessary healthcare support without the need to visit a physical healthcare facility. 

Virtual diagnostic services

Remotely analyse and interpret diagnostic test results such as imaging scans, laboratory tests, and other diagnostic procedures. This involves using technology to monitor patients, analyse diagnostic results, and offer advice or treatment plans based on the findings. It facilitates accessibility to diagnostic expertise and services from any location, enabling a more streamlined and efficient diagnostic process. 

Why choose us?

Integrated and accessible service

A bespoke service mirrors your pathways, transfers knowledge with your teams, and builds capabilities into your system. Streamlining services enables efficient allocation of time and resources, allowing you to focus on providing high-quality care to patients. Services are fully virtual or blended with face-to-face delivery models based on need. Our services can be delivered in the evenings and weekends via smartphones and laptops, making it accessible to service users anytime, anywhere. 

Enhanced patient journey

Our virtual hospital services safeguard patients against worsening prognoses linked to delayed treatment, ultimately reducing the need for complex surgeries and increasing medications associated with such delays. Overseen by our clinical management team, these services are underpinned by robust clinical pathways and rigorous risk management. 

Driven by data

Partnering with market-leading technologists, our secure platforms seamlessly integrate into your existing healthcare systems, ensuring a smooth transition into the digital healthcare landscape. These digitally-enabled services generate valuable health data that can be analysed to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement to support evidence-based decision-making and continuously enhance the quality of care provided. 

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