Wellbeing and prevention

As a leading provider of wellbeing and prevention programmes, we offer diverse clinician-led services tailored to the health needs of individuals, communities and workplaces.

From weight management to smoking cessation, our teams support service users to engage in healthier behaviours. Our evidence-based services guide and support users throughout their health and wellbeing journey, helping people live happier and healthier lives for longer.

Our wellbeing and prevention services

Health coaching

Our health coaches are grounded in evidence-based methods and provide encouragement and motivation in securing lasting lifestyle changes. Key focus areas include lifestyle guidance, physical activity encouragement, alcohol reduction, and effective behaviour change strategies. Programmes are flexible and can be accessed remotely, with a mix of one-to-one sessions, engaging group workshops, and accessible online learning.

Smoking cessation

Our clinically proven smoking-cessation programmes are tailored to suit the needs of service users, utilising a mix of behaviour change techniques, nicotine replacement therapy, and medication to help users work towards a smoke-free life. The programme offers personalised support to various demographics, including pregnant women, young individuals, and those with specific health conditions.

Weight management

Xyla, part of Acacium Group, offers a wide range of market-leading weight management programmes. Led by a team of experts, our digitally enabled programmes ensure personalised care and support throughout their weight management journey. Focusing on essential components such as diet and healthy eating habits, physical activity, and reducing sedentary behaviour, our teams educate adults and their family members on effective behavioural strategies.

Workplace health

Put employee health at the forefront of your recruitment and retention strategies by reducing staff sickness and establishing your organisation as an employer of choice. Our comprehensive workplace health service is tailored to boost employee wellbeing, seamlessly aligning with your growth trajectory. From initial assessment to customised health and wellbeing initiatives and support plans, our services focus on leadership development, mental health, substance abuse awareness, health checks and physical activity.

Why choose us?

Expert guidance and support

Our clinician-led programmes provide specialist guidance and ongoing support to service users, ensuring they sustain their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. With proven success in addressing healthcare inequalities, our community outreach and engagement programmes successfully promote personal accountability and long-term behaviour change.

Tailored, evidence-based solutions

Each programme is meticulously tailored to cater to diverse health needs, ensuring a customised approach that resonates with individuals, communities, and workplaces, promoting a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Improved public health outcomes

By encouraging healthier behaviours and lifestyle changes, our services contribute to improved public health outcomes, reducing the burden on healthcare systems and enhancing the overall well-being of communities.

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Xyla Health & Wellbeing

Works with local authorities, CCGs, NHS England and employers to make the UK’s local and workplace communities healthier through sustained behaviour change.