International recruitment

International recruitment

A sustainable, cost-effective strategy for long-term workforce challenges, international recruitment allows you to access experienced healthcare professionals from across the world. Acacium Group offers a fully managed service coordinating the identification, attraction, interviewing, onboarding and aftercare of skilled global candidates.

Our service

An established workforce partner with over 27 years’ experience delivering international recruitment services across the globe, we provide an end-to-end service tailored to meet your staffing needs. We place healthcare, social care and life sciences professionals across the globe.

Working in partnership with you to understand your current workforce challenges and long-term staffing objectives, we’ll support you with a bespoke solution to your staffing requirements. Our services source experienced doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals, and social workers, with dedicated support to make the transition as smooth as possible for candidates and providers.

You’ll have full transparency of the process, with a single point of contact operating within a dedicated account team. This team carefully manage each stage of the recruitment process, underpinned by specialist knowledge from our experience clinical governance team.

Recruit for hard to fill roles

International recruitment allows candidates to be carefully matched to opportunities by their skills and preferences. Clients frequently renew their international recruitment contract, expressing they feel that ‘candidates have been handpicked for the role’.

Quick and easy process

An end-to-end managed service saves you time, money and effort in sourcing, background checking and interviewing a shortlist of specialist candidates. By operating as an extension of your team, we’re able to provide you and the candidate with a seamless link, fully supporting both parties throughout the recruitment process and beyond.

Substantial cost savings

Hiring and placing an international professional can generate significant cost-saving, representing considerable budgetary spend which could be applied to other staffing shortfalls throughout your service.

Continuity of care

Permanent hires make valuable connections with their colleagues and develop strong working relationships that foster effective teamwork for better results. Healthcare professionals committed to your organisation will quickly gain intermate knowledge of your sites and procedures, while providing valuable continuity of care for patients and service users.