Permanent recruitment

Access a vast pool of high-quality healthcare professionals across all specialities, ensuring long-term staffing success. Benefit from our 40-year expertise and market-leading insights to reduce hiring risks and provide exceptional candidate support to meet long-term workforce goals.

Deploying more than 30,000 skilled professionals every week, Acacium Group is a leading healthcare delivery partner. Our scale and global reach offer unmatched insight to elevate your workforce strategy. With access to an extensive pool of quality healthcare professionals of all specialisms, we are committed to finding the perfect permanent hires to strengthen your team and achieve long-term success in delivering exceptional patient care.

Benefits of permanent recruitment for health and social care

Long-term stability: Build a stable, dedicated team that fosters continuity, employee satisfaction, and seamless patient care.

Consistent quality care: Create a strong team that drives long-term success. Permanent team members build positive working relationships that foster dynamic teamwork and support the continuity of patient care.

Reduced turnover costs: Hiring permanent staff reduces recruitment and training costs associated with frequent turnovers.

Organisational culture: Permanently hired professionals have the opportunity to align with your organisation’s values and contribute to a positive workplace culture.

Our permanent recruitment process

Assessing your needs

We begin by understanding your organisation’s long-term staffing requirements, including specific roles, skill sets, and cultural fit. 

Talent sourcing

Leveraging our extensive network and specialised expertise, we proactively source top healthcare talent to present you with a strong pool of candidates. 

Thorough evaluation

Our rigorous evaluation process includes in-depth interviews, reference checks, and verification of qualifications, ensuring only the most suitable candidates are recommended to you.

Your team, your choice

You have the final say in selecting permanent hires. We provide you with shortlisted candidates, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Seamless onboarding

Once you finalise your decision, we offer comprehensive onboarding support, ensuring a smooth transition for the new permanent healthcare professionals into your organisation.

Why choose us?

Access to top healthcare talent

Our comprehensive network connects you with the finest healthcare professionals worldwide, across all specialities, including doctors, nurses, midwives, allied health experts, mental health specialists, health science professionals, and social workers. 

Specialised expertise

Our team of specialised recruiters possesses profound industry knowledge, enabling us to understand your unique requirements and source candidates that precisely match your organisation’s needs. 

Reduced hiring risks

Hiring the right permanent healthcare staff is crucial to your organisation’s long-term success. With our thorough vetting and screening processes, we mitigate hiring risks, ensuring that you welcome skilled and committed professionals to your team. 

Seamless onboarding

Comprehensive stakeholder support and a seamless onboarding process ensure new hires are smoothly integrated into your team and are empowered to be productive from day one. 

Long-term staffing solutions

Our focus on permanent recruitment allows you to build a stable and reliable team, fostering continuity and consistent patient care. 

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