Staff bank

A specialist service to solve your temporary staffing challenges, from full staff bank service including agency liaison, to individual workstream management.

Taking the headache out of temporary staffing

Our award-winning staff bank service can deliver a bespoke solution depending on your needs. Whether you need us to take care of the entire temporary staffing workstream in order to increase bank fill and reduce agency spend, or you want to partner with us to develop a single part of your workforce needs. Our team have experience working with the largest and most complex NHS trusts in the UK and can assist with rostering, demand modelling, recruitment, compliance, worker engagement, retention, employer brand and internal staff training.

Bank Partners

An award-winning, independent provider of bank management services to the NHS. Works with clients to reduce agency spend while providing quality workers across all staff groups.

What our clients say

Bank Partners forge strong relationships with the nurse managers and really partner with them, not only helping the wards function when vacancy rates are high but also supporting the managers in reducing costs and saving money.

It has been a pleasure to work with Bank Partners, who have supported us during a very difficult period and with vacancies that went as high as 40% at the hospital. I would recommend Bank Partners to other hospitals because they are hugely supportive, communicate well, have good nursing staff and are responsive to client needs.