Life sciences executive recruitment

Life sciences executive recruitment

Combining innovative search methods and a refined scientific approach, we help you build exceptional executive teams across life sciences sectors. With over two decades of experience and a deep understanding of market trends and recruitment demands, we are a trusted partner in identifying tomorrow’s leaders in the life sciences sector.

Benefits of executive recruitment for life sciences

Customised search strategies: Your organisation and the people within it are unique. We work closely with you to craft customised search strategies that align with your specific needs, corporate culture, and leadership criteria.

Access to top talent: Our extensive network and industry connections grant you exclusive access to the most exceptional candidates in the executive talent pool. Our expert teams identify and engage with high-calibre individuals who might not actively pursue new opportunities, enabling you to consider the best candidates for your critical leadership positions.

Reduced risk: Hiring for executive roles involves significant risk. However, our meticulous screening, evaluation and reference gathering process aims to minimise this risk by ensuring that candidates possess the skills and experience necessary to thrive in their roles, helping others to do the same.

The executive recruitment services we offer

Strategic talent identification

Our market mapping services go beyond standard recruitment methods, strategically identifying and assessing the talent landscape within the life sciences industry. This involves thoroughly analysing the industry’s ecosystem, including competitors, emerging companies, and talent pools.

Proactive talent sourcing

We don’t wait for candidates to come to us; we actively seek out the best talent. Our market mapping approach enables us to proactively identify professionals with the specific skills and experience you need, even before you officially start the hiring process.

Talent insights

We provide valuable insights into the talent market by conducting comprehensive market mapping. You’ll better understand candidate availability, compensation trends, and any skills gaps in the industry. This information empowers you to make informed decisions about your recruitment strategy.

Why choose us?

Tailored services

Our services and pricing options are highly customisable with tailored packages to suit your executive search requirements. Whether you require ongoing support through a set period retainer or prefer flat fees based on skill level with volume rebates, we have flexible options to accommodate your organisational needs.

Reduce delays

Our executive search divisions specialise in installing senior appointments to help you grow your life sciences leadership teams. We are exclusively focused on the life sciences space, ensuring we add value at every stage of the recruitment process, reducing costly delays and keeping stakeholders happy.

Global workforce solutions

Global workforce solutions: Our global footprint ensures your vacancies are visible to leaders who will add value to your teams wherever they are. Advising employer branding and representing your company to professionals across the globe, we help establish your reputation in new locations.

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