Life sciences functional services partnership

Life sciences functional services partnership (FSP)

Functional services partnership (FSP) is a strategic collaboration that allows you to tap into our specialised life sciences recruitment expertise and resources while maintaining control over your core operations. The scope and scale of our service can be adjusted to align with your specific projects or ongoing operations.

Our FSP model is not only flexible and cost effective but offers a layer of operational insight not found in current FSP models. Our expert team, who specialise in proactive and continuous risk assessment, change management, and gap analysis, provide an in-depth analysis of your programme.

Benefits of functional service partnerships (FSP) for life sciences

Control: You retain control, overseeing the project’s direction, strategy, and decision-making while relying on our life sciences expertise to support where you need it.

Efficiency: FSPs are designed to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By leveraging our administrative and resourcing expertise, you can access specialised skills without the overhead of hiring and managing additional in-house staff.

Focus: FSPs enable you to focus on their core competencies while outsourcing specialised functions to us as experts, leading to improved performance and innovation across the project.

Our functional service partnership (FSP) process

Greater flexibility

Shape functionality, capabilities, and timelines to match your specific life sciences projects. A highly customisable FSP affords a seamless fit with your unique research and development needs.

Responsive resourcing

Our extensive network of specialised recruiters wields cutting-edge techniques, ensuring swift scaling of professional resources. Through our FSP model, you’re enabled to scale up or down your internal workforce with highly skilled professionals without the rampant cost of permanent resources and infrastructure.

Life sciences leaders

Our team are comprised of subject matter experts in their respective fields to do an in-depth analysis of your program to help guide the strategic, tactical, and operational changes that need to be managed to support your organizational service goals.

Why choose us?

Maximise cost efficiency

You invest exclusively in the functions we handle, leaving behind the burdensome costs of permanent headcount and infrastructure.

Streamlined focus

We navigate risks, manage change, and handle daily tasks, freeing you to focus on your core competencies. By utilising the full capacity of our global network, we can scout the world’s life sciences talent and mobilise the right people to where they are needed most.


We integrate into your organisation and work closely with internal teams acting as an extension of your workforce. You gain invaluable time and resources for delivering the highest research, development, and innovation quality..

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