Life sciences permanent recruitment

Life sciences permanent recruitment

As expert life science staffing partners, our businesses support permanent recruitment across a wide variety of specialisms, including biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology, consumer health, contract research organisations (CROs), and more.

With a global database of more than 750k life sciences experts, we have the scale and resources to find the right solution for the right outcome.

Benefits of permanent recruitment for life sciences organisations

In-depth knowledge: Permanent employees develop deep knowledge of your organisation’s culture, processes, and specific needs, which is invaluable in addressing complex scientific and regulatory challenges.

Stability and continuity: Permanent employees are committed to your company’s long-term goals and are more likely to invest in their roles, leading to better continuity of projects and initiatives.

Reduced recruitment costs: Hiring permanent employees minimises the need and cost of continuous recruitment efforts, onboarding, and training associated with temporary or contract staff.

Regulatory compliance: A stable and knowledgeable permanent workforce helps you maintain regulatory compliance and ensure product quality and safety.

Skill development: Permanent employees have opportunities for skill development and career growth within your organisation. This can lead to higher job satisfaction and increased productivity.

Our permanent recruitment process

Understanding your needs

We take the time to understand your specific requirements and objectives. This includes gaining insights into your organisation’s culture, values, and team dynamics.

Global reach

With our global footprint and scientific expertise, we source talent from anywhere in the world, including hard-to-fill roles that require specific skills for complex and highly specialised roles, understanding the nuances of different markets.

Candidate evaluation

Candidates are thoroughly assessed to ensure they are qualified and compatible with your organisation’s values and culture. We find individuals who seamlessly integrate into your team.

Brand ambassadors

Our specialist teams act as your brand ambassadors, representing your organisation to potential candidates, attracting top talent and reducing the time it takes to fill positions.

Why choose us?

Global local experts

With our global network of offices, you benefit from local expertise. Our teams have in-depth sector knowledge, speak the language and understand market nuances in the regions you work in. They can efficiently identify and attract candidates with the right background and experience.

Reduced risk

As a highly regulated industry, hiring the wrong life sciences candidate can have serious consequences. Our businesses are experienced in conducting thorough background checks and ensuring candidates meet the necessary regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of compliance issues.

Full compliance and support

As part of our end-to-end recruitment solutions, you’ll have full access to our contract recruitment support services, including a global compliance team, recruitment success managers and contract management.

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Permanent recruitment delivered by our global life sciences businesses

Hobson Prior

Hobson Prior delivers made-to-measure recruitment solutions that empower life science innovators to achieve their potential.


Supporting our partners in life sciences as they grow with expert managed services to build specialists teams for their wider-scale ventures.

R&D Partners

R&D Partners is a national staffing firm focused on scientific, clinical research and engineering, providing consulting, outsourcing and direct hire solutions to the US life sciences industry.