Hospital patient flow

Hospital patient flow

Alleviate pressure and create capacity through expedited discharge and reduced readmissions through effective case management and end-to-end patient flow services.

Acacium Group has over 25 years of experience developing solutions to address hospital admissions, triage and patient flow through optimised discharge management. Our approach facilitates the safe and timely discharge of patients, allowing them to return to the comfort of their own home.

Discharge assessment and brokerage:

  • Discharge assessment
  • Discharge brokerage
  • Discharge to Assess (D2A)
  • Reduced re-admittance rates

Case management software:

  • Continuing healthcare patient management software
  • Expert delivery
  • Fully integrated into NHS spine
  • Reduced administration

Care at home:

  • CQC registered
  • Complex care packages
  • Integrated with hospital discharge service

Our impact in 2022

  • 42 NHS Integrated Care Systems supported
  • 30,000 professionals placed, each week
  • 1.1m bank shifts filled