Early detection in deterioration; digitally-enabled healthcare monitoring service 

Early detection in deterioration; digitally-enabled healthcare monitoring service

By combining state-of-the-art technology with a highly specialised workforce, our patient-focused monitoring solutions provide patients with a rapid response, assessment, and treatment.

Addressing the timely and proper care of deteriorating patients in a hospital setting is a fundamental safety and quality concern. Research has demonstrated that there are detectable physiological irregularities before adverse events, such as cardiac arrest and sepsis, which often result in unforeseen admissions to intensive care units and unexpected fatalities. 

In partnership with our technology collaborator, Sensium, our healthcare monitoring service enables early diagnosis and treatment for patients, guaranteeing that they promptly receive the care they need, increasing capacity, reducing readmissions and improving patient flow. 

The service we offer

Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring solutions allow you to track vital signs and patient data in real time. Early detection of changes in patient’s conditions leads to faster interventions and improved outcomes. 

Wearable technology

Sensium specialises in wearable patches that monitor heart rate, respiration rate, and axillary temperature. These non-intrusive patches provide a reliable and convenient way to gather crucial patient data. 

Remote patient management

Clinicians can monitor patients remotely, allowing for effective care within and outside high-acuity areas. Make informed decisions in various settings, from pre-hospital admission to post-hospital discharge.

Why choose us?

Cost-effective delivery

Benefit from significant cost savings through reduced hospital stays and readmissions. Our services allow for more efficient use of healthcare resources, saving lives and increasing productivity. 

Intelligent patient flow

Acacium Group’s dedicated team of clinicians provides additional capacity to your workforce, supporting improved patient flow and efficient monitoring of patients.  

Dedicated support

As a managed service, our dedicated team provide support throughout the entire process, ensuring successful implementation and ongoing success. 

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Staffing ‘Sensium’; a ground-breaking patient deterioration technology trial

Sensium, part of The Surgical Company, sought to bring a new digital medical observation device to market. Due to the unique nature of the trial, Pulse, part of Acacium Group, was contracted to provide a bespoke staffing solution to support delivery. The trial resulted in a 25% reduction in the length of stay in two NHS hospital wards, significantly impacting the efficient use of healthcare resources and bed capacity. 

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