Ally Health and Acacium Group partner to revolutionise tech-powered clinical care at home

Pioneering health tech platform Ally Health and leading global healthcare delivery partner Acacium Group have announced a new partnership to transform delivery of community care.

Over 70% of medical decisions require follow up appointments, usually needing the patient to make an in-person visit to another healthcare provider . Healthcare professionals can now simplify this process for their patients by using Ally Health’s top-class technology to refer patients for care directly to their doorstep, with clinical delivery from Acacium Group’s roster of world-class healthcare professionals.

Through Ally Health’s user-friendly platform patients can make an appointment at the touch of a button. The appointment can be held at their home or at another safe location such as a private office space, at a time that suits them. Procedures available include health checks, phlebotomy and wound dressing amongst other things. Based on patient location, skills and availability requested, Ally Health’s platform funnels appointment allocation towards Acacium Group’s leading clinical teams in a speedy and convenient manner.

Providing alternative methods of care widens accessibility for people who have difficulty accessing traditional services due to barriers such as a busy work schedule, living in a rural area, being homebound or requiring multiple appointments. In a new survey from Ally Health, 12% of service users said they would have stopped their search for care altogether, without the new care at home offer.

The service has achieved a remarkable 5/5 patient experience ranking since going live. This feedback underscores the effectiveness of the service, allowing patients to save time on unnecessary trips and fit their healthcare around their busy lives.

Kelly Klifa, Co-Founder and CEO at Ally Health, said:

“It is fantastic to be partnering with Acacium Group; the support of their clinical workforce has made it possible to deliver this solution at scale. At a time where one in 20 patients have to wait at least four weeks to see a GP and over 60% of patients want flexible online options for appointments , our partnership allows providers to redefine how and where they deliver healthcare, ushering in a new era of patient-centricity.

Previously, patients trying to access care at home often faced long waiting lists and uncertainty about when the healthcare professional will arrive at their home. Since going live nationwide in December, we have been able to increase patient access to the service by 40%. We see this as the beginning of a transformative journey for the UK healthcare system.”

Mike Barnard, CEO at Acacium Group, said:

“We are excited to be partnering with Ally Health. By combining their innovative technology platform with our healthcare delivery expertise, we have the ability to reimagine the delivery of community care. What’s really exciting about this solution is its versatility – we have the potential to simplify the delivery of almost any type of care. This could range from phlebotomy and clinical photography to elective care, including virtual consultations and pre-operative assessments – the possibilities are endless.”

With the ability to offer follow on care at the patients’ home, healthcare providers are able to expand the reach of their services to people who live further away from their clinic. The new partnership also supports flexible working for healthcare practitioners, who can easily pick up extra shifts in their community, with the platform tracking and optimising their routes to ensure safety, efficiency and resource utilisation. This nimble way of delivering community care can lead to quicker discharges and alleviate pressure on acute beds and hospital staff.

Leveraging the platform to organise follow on care at the patients’ home allows healthcare providers to increase revenue capture without expanding their footprint.

Tracey Lloyd, Nurse, Acacium Group, said:

“This technology has added an exciting option to the way I can provide care to patients. I can carry out my duties efficiently and it has opened up new avenues for delivering healthcare directly to our patients’ homes once I have completed my routine shifts. Witnessing the impact on those who are struggling with mobility issues or are time-poor has affirmed that, with this technology, we are genuinely enhancing the quality of care and making a meaningful difference in patients’ lives.”

With the platform garnering a net appointment completion rate of 100%, coupled with positive patient experience feedback, it is easy to see why technology that can optimise care delivery pathways is becoming an attractive prospect to patients and healthcare providers.

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