Emily Cummins inspires BBC’s Great British Menu

We’re incredibly proud of Emily Cummins, Support Services Director at Xyla Health & Wellbeing. Her fantastic invention, the zero-electricity fridge, inspired Chef Gareth Bartram for the BBC’s Great British Menu!

Emily graduated from Leeds University Business School in 2010 with a first class honours degree in Business Management. During her time at Leeds University, Emily developed the sustainable fridge that is ‘powered’ by dirty water. Emily decided to open source her invention, and her fridges are now used in developing countries where they make a real difference to people’s lives. Emily’s commitment to helping people live healthier lives continues with her work at Xyla Health & Wellbeing, part of Acacium Group, which specialises in innovative health solutions and is the largest provider of the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme.

“I’m thrilled Gareth chose my sustainable fridge as the inspiration for his dessert course. I think it’s fantastic that the Great British Menu are promoting British Innovation and showcasing some great inventions. I designed my fridge because I wanted to improve the quality of people’s lives, which is something I am very passionate about and will always be at the forefront of everything I do.”

Emily Cummins