ICS health and social care managed services become Xyla, part of Acacium Group

We are excited to announce that ICS health and social care managed services are uniting under a new name and brand: Xyla, part of Acacium Group. This completes the transition, which began in January 2021, of all ICS divisions and means:

  • ICS Assessment Services will now be Xyla Health & Social Services
  • ICS Diagnostics will now be Xyla Diagnostics
  • ICS Insourcing will now be Xyla Elective Care
  • ICS Digital Therapies will now be Xyla Digital Therapies
  • ICS Health & Wellbeing will now be Xyla Health & Wellbeing

Collectively, the Xyla brands will continue to help people live well by providing high-quality, integrated health and social care. They will harness access to Acacium Group’s skilled flexible workforce – the largest in the UK – and combine it with pioneering technology and process management to provide ground-breaking new care models.

Mike Barnard, CEO says:

“The Xyla brands are some of the most exciting in the Acacium Group portfolio. They’ve been designed expressly to solve key issues, pressure and backlogs that our experience and knowledge of the health and social care sector has allowed us to identify. We’re creating more flexible delivery models for health and social care partners as well as more career development opportunities for health and social care professionals.”

As ever, exceptional patient  and service user experience is our primary focus and we remain dedicated to the delivery of outcomes of our services. Our clients will work with the same team and receive the same great level of service they have come to expect. As Xyla we will continue to work closely with our clients, listening to demands and developing new methods of services, many focused on preventative care.”

For more information, please contact mediaenquiries@acaciumgroup.com.