White paper reveals fresh insights from over 10,000 flexible health and social care workers 

The flexible workforce plays a crucial role in health and social care systems across the UK, offering flexibility to manage demand fluctuations, cover absences, and ensure patient safety. 

Giving a voice to temporary workers 

As the UK’s largest healthcare delivery partner, Acacium Group is uniquely placed to capture the insights of the flexible workforce. Insights gathered from 10,901 individual survey responses have informed a unique white paper exploring workplace satisfaction, flexible worker preferences, and the future of the temporary health and social care workforce. 

From Insight to Impact: Understanding and optimising the flexible health and social care workforce,” sheds light on this vital sector, offering key insights and actionable strategies, exploring; 

  • The make-up and motivations of the flexible workforce 
  • The impact inductions have on efficiency 
  • How likely the workforce is to remain in the sector in the next two years 
  • Regional differences in engagement 
  • How an ageing workforce will impact the future of flexible work 

From insight to impact: Taking action 

The health and social care system depends on flexible workers to deliver essential services. They stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their permanent colleagues and are sometimes one and the same, with many permanent employees also engaging in flexible work. Understanding their on-site experience enables us to better support them and the organisations in which they work.  

This white paper is an essential read for stakeholders across the health and social care sectors, providing a comprehensive overview and strategic recommendations to ensure the continued effectiveness and satisfaction of the flexible workforce. 

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