Tech-enabled healthcare at home

Tech-enabled healthcare at home

We deliver a patient-led booking service providing access to clinical care at home. From blood draws, wound dressing, health checks and more, Acacium Group and Ally Health deliver tech-enabled solutions, bringing expert practitioners to patients across the UK. Reduce pressure on your patient pathways, increase hospital capacity, and reduce costs.

Why choose tech-enabled healthcare

Improved patient experience: Make in-person care more accessible, enabling patients to see a healthcare professional at a time and location of their choosing.

Additional capacity: Expanding care beyond traditional settings supports efficient discharge practices, alleviating demand on acute beds and reducing pressure on hospital staff.

Cost savings: Embrace a smarter approach to healthcare delivery, optimising resource utilisation to drive cost savings.

Optimising patient pathways

Flexible, tailored, tech-enabled health services that drive greater healthcare sustainability, optimising three key patient pathways.

Primary care

Help patients overcome the uncertainty of healthcare challenges in the comfort of their own homes with expert evaluations and support for new diagnoses

Manage patients’ chronic health concerns through specialised care, with long-term planning and support

Practice proactive care and increase the uptake of health checks to identify and overcome common health risks in your patient cohorts

Secondary outpatient care

Boost recovery and reduce readmittance with seamless outpatient care for those recovering from acute conditions

Clinical trials and pharma

Secure high levels of patient engagement and protect the validity of clinical trial data through effective and frequent health measurements taken by certified healthcare professionals

Acacium Group and AllyHealth 

Combining Ally Health’s innovative technology with access to Acacium Group’s extensive healthcare staffing network enables patients to enjoy the convenience and safety of at-home clinical care services with the push of a button.

Ally Health is a pioneering health-tech platform that transforms how people access healthcare services and is revolutionising the healthcare landscape by providing a wide range of on-demand healthcare services. 

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Why choose us?

Same-day matching

 Empower your patients to connect with expert practitioners in just a few clicks. Prompt responses and personalised care enhance the patient experience and drive positive outcomes .

A high-tech, high-touch solution

Combining cutting-edge solutions with compassionate care, tech-enabled solutions afford greater efficiency in securing in-person appointments to suit your patient’s needs.

Nationwide coverage 

Extend your services to diverse locations, supporting greater equality of access to critical healthcare services. Ensure that quality healthcare is not confined to urban areas but reaches every corner of the UK.

Be part of the future of healthcare delivery

This partnership signifies a commitment to reimagining community care, providing on-demand healthcare, optimising solutions for greater accessibility, and setting a new standard for healthcare service in the UK. Contact us to ensure your organisation is on the front line of delivering pioneering tech-enabled healthcare.

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