Health & social care managed services

Health & social care managed services

The imbalance between demand for healthcare and workforce supply has driven us to focus closely on our clients’ main challenges and develop pioneering new ways of increasing their capacity and capability. These Acacium Group businesses harness access to our skilled flexible workforce – the largest in the UK – and combine it with technology and process management to provide ground-breaking new care models.

We use our experience and knowledge of the health and social care sector to identify key issues, pressures and backlogs and then develop new services designed expressly to solve these issues, many focused on preventative care. We commit to the outcomes of these services, where we are responsible for safe and effective delivery.

We’re creating more flexible delivery models for healthcare as well as more career development opportunities for healthcare professionals.

Xyla Health and Social Services

One of the largest commissioned providers of managed social work services in the UK. Partnering with local authorities and health trusts and with 200 qualified staff delivering assessment and review.

Xyla Diagnostics

Providing hospitals and clinics with access to a specialist clinical staffing network of British and European accredited echocardiographers through a range of onsite and remote diagnostic services.

Xyla Digital Therapies

We deliver a leading, scalable service improving the accessibility, affordability and effectiveness of psychological therapies.

Xyla Health & Wellbeing

Works with local authorities, CCGs, NHS England and employers to make the UK’s local and workplace communities healthier through sustained behaviour change.

Xyla Elective Care

Provides best-in-class waiting list management solutions to NHS Trusts including ongoing elective and diagnostic capacity, 2-week suspected cancer outpatient capacity,  virtual clinics in primary care and RTT recovery solutions.